Zvi Feiner - Entrepreneur in Real Estate Investments

About Zvi Feiner

Zvi Feiner entered the real estate investment industry in 1994 as the Director of Acquisitions for Plaza Associates in New York, where he evaluated investment feasibility for multifamily and commercial real estate. Having focused primarily on healthcare properties during this time, Zvi Feiner soon advanced to a senior acquisition and financing executive at Orchard Court Partnership Healthcare, a boutique investment banking firm focused on healthcare properties, based in Chicago.

In 2003, Zvi Feiner left Orchard Court to found Feiner Investment Corporation, which he continues to serve as President and CEO. He also was a founding and leading principal of Wi-Fi Investments, through which he built an $80 million portfolio of syndicated real estate opportunities for high net worth investors.

In addition, as CEO of FNR Healthcare Group, Feiner coordinates with his eponymous investment group to build a portfolio of skilled nursing facilities, retirement communities, and related companies.

He has successfully facilitated more than $500 million in real estate transactions across the United States, spanning numerous sectors including healthcare, office, multifamily, retail, and hospitality.